Resource Portfolio Management (RPM)™ for Project Server and Project Online

Resource portfolio management driving you in circles?

Milestone’s RPM™ (Resource Portfolio Management) for Project Server is a powerful tool to help organizations with resource demand management, resource balancing, and collaboration between project and resource managers, providing visibility and control of your ever-changing project and resource schedules.

Resource management is one of the more challenging disciplines in any organization. The RPM application allows project managers and resource managers to quickly and easily view and manage resource allocation across projects, while providing remarkable insight into portfolio resource demand.

RPM works within the PWA Project Center and Resource Center and provides visibility to multiple projects and resources in one compact display. Here allocations can be made either by-project or by-resource.

RPM makes resource negotiations faster & easier, it reduces resourcing conflicts, builds on your existing Project Server investment, and helps remove the guesswork from resource portfolio management.

  • Engage your whole management team in resource management success.
  • Identify and forecast demand for all types of work across all teams.​
  • Communicate with basic facts about your resource commitments that help project managers, managers and executive’s alike efficiently address critical resourcing issues.
  • Balance work demands and gain control of all types of work using tools that allow you to edit forecasts from a resource-centric point of view.
  • Manage by exception with information that highlights bottleneck resources and at risk projects.
  • Seamlessly work in the Microsoft PPM solution with tools that take advantage of all the platform has to offer.

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  • Engage management
  • Identify & forecast demand
  • Communicate commitments
  • Gain control of all work types!
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